Beach Inspired Handmade Copper Jewelry from the Outer Banks

Hi friend, call me Loli… metalsmith, dreamer of ideas, package designer, and everything else Sea Gypsy.  I was introduced to metalsmithing during my freshman year of high school and went on to major in Fine Arts at a quiet little beach town university on the Jersey Shore.  Design, Function and Repurposing naturally found objects are primary in my creations. Discovery and curiosity remain driving forces behind my creativity. I attribute this interest to my time spent in the water growing up exploring our natural world, discovering the secrets that are always around us. After getting stuck in the corporate world for too long, I finally made my great escape in January of 2022.  Fortunate enough to live year around in OBX, Sea Gypsy was founded to provide organically shaped, minimalist, and unique designs that are made from found and repurposed organic materials in unexpected ways– the use of seashells, sea salt, sea glass, and beach stones are predominant.

Sea Gypsy handcrafts to honor our beach and the wearer. Made from hand-picked beach treasurers, each piece is dreamt up and crafted in my home studio…a workbench outside on the sand under the sun.  My heart and soul is in each and every piece and I hope you enjoy wearing or gifting them as much as I have enjoyed dreaming them and creating them with my own two hands.

I believe everyone has a story to tell. I tell mine with metal and a little help from the sea.

Hope to meet you on the beach someday.


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