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Finding perfect shells on the beach at low tide under the moonlight can be great inspiration. Finding the perfectly imperfect shell to create a custom piece of home decor that can be appreciated even during the moonlight hours can be even more inspiring.  Each of these treasures will be turned into nightlights that will provide a glow similar to the stars and moon in a dark night sky…watch for the results in a future update!


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Not a lot to say today. Busy taking advantage of a rainy day…working hard on components for a new line of necklaces.

Below are some pictures of copper wire that has been cut and will be turned into links for new necklace chains for my recent sea treasure finds. I posted some in progress pictures below…hope you enjoy!


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Sea Treasures

Some beach wanderers find the thrill of the hunt to be finding a gorgeous intact conch shell. Others like me get thrilled to find the unexpected. I stumbled on these treasures during my many low tide strolls on Corolla Beach. I am excited to begin transforming these one of a kind shells, each with their own personality and style, into statement necklaces over the winter months in my studio. Watch for updates to see the progress as I jump from piece to piece.


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Natural Patinas

Saltwater heals souls and also provides captivating and individual results when it reacts with copper. This summer’s salinity in the waters off the Outer Banks has provided an array of results on my line of beach cuffs. Each cuff has patinas ranging from mauves to greens. Wax has been hand rubbed on each to seal the patinas for longevity. I hope you enjoy the results.

You can also order polished cuffs as a custom order which you can then wear in the sea and enjoy watching the colors change and develop to your own individual taste.



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Even though my work bench is covered with ideas and sketches of future pieces, they rarely come to fruition because I tend to go instead wherever my wild imaginings take me. Distracted by trays of beachcomber findings, I always have several pieces in the works all at once. It’s self-indulgent really, I can’t stop it…nor would I want to!…welcome to my happy madness…come and join me!

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