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OBX Jewelry Collection

Artifacts for the Modern Beach Wanderer

Sea Gypsy OBX Jewelry Collection is more than jewelry…It is a piece to be worn that speaks your heart & soul, personalized with a touch of beachy-chic plucked straight from Outer Banks sand!

I take inspiration from the beautiful beaches and coastline around me. Some of my best design ideas come to me when I’m pounding the beaches come rain, shine, or especially after a nor’easter! My beach wanders leave me hunting for the one perfect seashell that inspires me and reminds you of your time in the Outer Banks. Miles of beach walks could result in only one shell perfect enough for this collection.  These pieces are created as original handmade designs, inspired by my everyday travels on our beaches.

Each piece of seashell, beach stone, driftwood or sea glass has been discovered by me on my endless wanderings on the beaches of the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

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