Atlantic Money Clip – Handcrafted Natural Patina


Each Atlantic Money Clip is unique due to the natural process utilized to allow the gorgeous patina to develop on the surface. This is a sturdy and masculine design that is lightweight in the pocket.
Prior to the patina process, a single tiny wave is hand stamped on the surface.  Finally, each Atlantic money clip is coated in a protective finish to ensure the patina not only is protected but to enhance the brightness off the colors and patterns that have developed on the surface.

A great gift for both men and women…
It’s a great item for the avid beachgoer. Leave your phone at home so you don’t risk sand or salt damaging it and toss your money clip with a few bucks in the back of a beach chair. Feel more comfortable leaving your beach spot unattended while still having emergency cash for a cold beer and taco.

A perfect gift for wedding parties also.