The Tropical Storm – Niobium Earwires featuring Handmade Patina Discs from Recycled Copper


Dangling, organically shaped, and made of recycled copper to provide you with an upcycled treasure that has a natural patina created from exposure to the elements while using resources from the beach. Ocean water, sea salt, and even sand are put to work to create the naturally developed colors and patterns on the already pretty copper.

The niobium ear wire features a black finish and is naturally hypo-allergenic, making it especially suited for customers with metal sensitivites. Smooth and lightweight, the ear wire includes a 3mm copper bead.

The process of making these pretty, organically shaped, earrings includes cutting, filing, and drilling.  The patina processed used is a natural one.  Because of that, color and patterns will vary. Images are examples and not the exact item that will be shipped. Due to the handmade nature of this style, the end result is very much dependent on weather conditions, times of day, humidity, etc etc etc … so your shipped item will not look identical to what you see here but they will be beautiful and handmade just for you.

The patina pieces undergo a hand-dipped process to apply a protective coating to all patina pieces. 

It is recommended that patina pieces be treated as statement pieces.  Please understand that oils/lotions/perfumes/excessive wear and tear might compromise the sealant. So if they do change, enjoy that process as they will continue to patina again with continued wear.